What is Objectumsexuality?

Objectum sexuality is something that has existed as long as humans have, from greek mythological tales of falling in love with statues and objects to historical accounts of people forming deep connections and bonds with objects, objectum sexuality is simply a rare or not often shared romantic and/or sexual attraction that typically exists in autistic people or people with autistic traits, according to one of the few studies conducted on objectum sexuals, and also tends to cross over with experiences of synesthesia (which the author of this website also has).

It's important to keep in mind that there are plenty of people who are objectum and non autistic or non synesthetes too despite statistics, so anyone can be objectum! Media has long targeted objectum folk to portray their sexuality and attractions as creepy or weird to profit off of them. Which is something extremely detrimental for the community and its victims as they are almost never told they will be openly mocked and it encourages further harassment in their day to day lives when recognized.

Their is nothing gross or dirty or wrong about people loving objects and concepts, that is something really important i want to push with this website, and it is not a purely sexual thing, alot of objectum folk only experience the romantic aspects of objectumsexuality. it's not hurting anyone and makes people genuinely happy, even if it is hard to empathize with or understand for others, we do not want to be changed or pitied or depicted as strange or gross, we are normal people that are able to form bonds with and fall in love with objects and concepts in the same way people feel towards other people.

dictionary/objectum labels

Objectumsexual: A sexual attraction to objects and concepts

Objectumromantic: The romantic attraction to objects and concepts

object partner: an object or concept one considers their partner/ an object one is devoted to romantically in a dating context usually

Conceptum: the attraction to abstract concepts ex: the color blue,a song

Ficto: the attraction to fictional objects, concepts and characters etc

OS/OR: most common acronym for objectum sexual and objectum romantic

Vehicum: the attraction to any vehicle

Techum: the attraction to any kind of technology

Plushum: the attraction to plush's of any kind

Amusrum: the attraction to amusement park rides

Chromagectum:a subtype of conceptum for attraction to colors specifically.

onsum: usually an attraction to a specific kind of food, like being in love with strawberries